Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This morning I woke up to a realization that again my beloved Jazz have proven to be the most brainless, unintelligent organization in the NBA! Breaking news the Utah Jazz have traded their All Star point guard Deron Williams to the New Jersey Nets for guard Devin Harris, power forward Derrik Favors and two future 1st round draft picks, oh and don't forget some cash which the Jazz need ever so badly because they are still to busy paying washed up Ak-47 the most on the team!! When I read this it just proved to me yet again that the Jazz organization failed to prove to their fan base that they have the ability to be a winning organization and never will until they find someone to drive the bus in the right direction! We all thought that maybe after we had surprisingly got rid off All Star Carlos Boozer and stunning rookie Wesley Matthews that we would begin to acquire players around Williams so that we could eventually make a run for west but again were surprised this morning with the news. Deron Williams is arguably the best point guard in the NBA averaging 19 points and nearly 10 assists per game! To let someone of that caliber go over what some think to be a make believe argument with hall of fame coach Jerry Sloan is completely immature and idiotic, especially after Sloan has already retired!
Jazz fans get ready for the long hall because this is going to be another frustrating ride for all of us! The truth is that the problem starts at the root and until that root is forcefully pulled from its position the entire entity will be poisoned for failure, let the rebuilding begin!

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  1. yea this is sad. although some of the die hard jazz fans love it on facebook. this all really confuses me. why get rid of Sloan and Dwill? its going to take years. and they wont even make the playoffs this year.